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Corporate Consulting

The Changing Business Environment

"Business as usual" is a risky proposition for any company. We focus on understanding changing global and national demographics, lifestyles, economics, and ways that consumers use information to make buying decisions and live their lives. All of these will have a profound impact on all businesses, including demographic trends and the impact on the service industry as well as retail and e-marketing.


Leading Change

We have a process that will prepare individuals to identify and implement the most necessary changes in their organizations.  Learn the skills to recognize the need for change; design change action strategies by increasing commitment and reducing resistance; determine where to start; design change communications; and evaluate progress


Marketing Strategy

Learn what strategy is necessary for your business to identify and develop new profit centers. You can extend the concept of strategy to competitor and customer analysis.


Brand Management

Brand management focuses on brand identity, growth and development and retention. Learn how to develop your brand and how to create an impact to be able to  build and maintaining your primary market and develop your secondary markets.


Transition Management

There are new competitors, external and internal changes and challenges. We can help you identify the best program for your business to deal with the GAP between where you are and where you need to be.

Developing Personnel

Seminar Training

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